Show Stats Restart Achievements Let us begin. A knight charges up the slope at you. His horse pounds at the ground, carrying the heavily armored warrior as if he were a child's doll. The knight sets his lance to attack you. How do you defend yourself, O mighty dragon? I take to the air with a quick beat of my wings. I knock the knight from his horse with a slap of my tail. I rush into his charge and tear him to pieces with my claws. A puff of my fiery breath should be enough for him. Restore a saved game. Next

Let us begin.

A knight charges up the slope at you. His horse pounds at the ground, carrying the heavily armored warrior as if he were a child's doll. The knight sets his lance to attack you.

How do you defend yourself, O mighty dragon?

The knight's lance shatters against your nigh-impenetrable hide as you slam into him. You yank him clean off his horse, slamming him to the ground and ripping his plate armor with your vicious claws. The fight is over before it has begun.

Do you finish him off, victorious dragon?

"Begone, petty human. To attack me is to meet your doom," you growl.

The knight stumbles away as quickly as he can, not even daring to pretend that he could still fight you.

You know, it's going to get annoying to keep calling you "great and mighty dragon." What is your name?

Oh! Please forgive me. What name would you prefer?

Will you be male or female?

As you think about it, the knight's attack was probably inevitable. After all, you did just kidnap the princess from right out of her tower. Although…

Isn't it a little sexist to always kidnap princesses?

I guess you're right.

Anyway, as you ripped the roof off her tower, the light glistened off your…

Ah, would you like to specify the color of your hide? I wasn't sure which color to put in that description.

Wonderful choice. So the light glistened off your green hide, as you snatched the princess out of her tower.

While we're on the subject, let's settle a few other details. How many limbs will you have, not counting your wings or tail?

Hmm. Is the top of your head ridged or smooth?

I see. And your wings—feathery, leathery, or scaly?

As you kidnapped the princess, you beat your feathery green wings and flew off into the night, as she clutched tightly to your ridged scalp to avoid plummeting to her doom.

What are you planning on doing with the princess, anyway?

It must be the diet. In any event, you have a delightful dinner of roast princess.

This would be a good time to talk a little more about your personality.

All dragons can be described in terms of a handful of characteristics, each in opposed pairs: Brutality and Finesse, Cunning and Honor, Disdain and Vigilance.

Are you more notable for your Brutality or your Finesse?

Do you have more Cunning or Honor?

Do you disdain threats and insults that are beneath you, or are you vigilant against any slight or transgression?

Now we're going to view some flashbacks to your days as a wyrmling.

As a young hatchling, you lived with your mother in a cave high up on a mountain. Your mother had a vast hoard of treasure and a varied hunting range. Some of your siblings chose to spend much of their time reading the rare codices and scrolls your mother had collected. Other siblings spent their time hunting dangerous game and brawling with each other. Which pursuit did you prefer?

A wise choice that made you more Cunning and taught you Finesse.

As you reached maturity, you began to threaten your mother's dominance over her territory. Before you could possibly have bested her in a direct confrontation, she threw you out of her lair and drove you from the lands in which you grew up, leaving you to fend for yourself without any resources beyond your claws, wings, and teeth.

Did you seek revenge on her by turning some of the humans in her lands against her, or did you consider petty revenge beneath you?

Disdain for petty matters is essential for a dragon, as it avoids the pointless feuds that weaken you and allow your enemies to achieve great goals.

Manipulating peasants is also not the most honorable of activities for a mighty dragon such as yourself.

Your wise choice increases Disdain and Honor.

After several days of flight, you came across a tiny halfling travelling through the desert. Even from afar, your keen eyes detected the glint of gold and the sparkle of magic. This halfling has some sort of magic golden shield strapped to his tiny back.

You knew immediately that this treasure must be yours.

The halfling was far from civilization and would almost surely die soon of thirst and starvation. For the moment, he seemed to be protected by the power of the shield.

Did you kill him on the spot, ignoring his magical protections, or did you hover nearby and wait for the halfling to die, knowing that you might lose the treasure?

It wasn't easy; the shield protected him from fire and helped him evade your attacks. Eventually you had to swallow him whole and cough up the shield. That worked!

Brutality and Vigilance increase.

One of your elder clutchmates was an overbearing brute named Axilmeus. Axilmeus loved to torment the others, always seeking to seize what did not belong to him.

"Mukidi," he said with a menacing grin, "give me that golden shield, or I will beat you within an inch of your life."

Cunning and Finesse increase.

Unfortunately, Axilmeus is your elder; at this age, he has the advantage in maneuverability. He caught up to you quickly, pinning you to the ground and prying the shield out of your claws.

Then he crushed the shield in his jaws, wasting the magical energies imbued within it, and spat it out at your feet. He laughed with a great roar as he flew away.

You have the following stats:

  Brutality: 65% Finesse: 35%  
  Cunning: 75% Honor: 25%  
  Disdain: 71% Vigilance: 29%  
  Infamy: 61%
Wealth: 5000 gold coins